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New Distribution Deal with Bunzl R3

BioSafe signs national distribution deal with Bunzl R3

A very exciting move for Biosafe to be expanding our USA brand throughout the nation. Look out for the blue stripe down the sides of your straw. You can feel confident that you are using the highest quality micro-plastic-free straw manufactured here in the USA.  Ask your local dry goods distributor to carry the Go Blue straw from BioSafe.

Annapolis Green Interview

BioSafe partners with a traditional plastic company to create an eco-friendly drinking straw line manufactured in the USA. 

“It is crucial for BioSafe to keep our manufacturing here in the states and to use the best, most advanced biopolymers when manufacturing our straws and future products. We are highly confident that we can expand our product line to micro-plastic free cups, takeaway boxes, cutlery, and beyond with our new partnership. This summer has been an inspiring time for BioSafe and the green movement in general.” – Pollux Dietz, CEO of BioSafe,

Annapolis Green Interview.

Partnership with Annapolis Green & Kent Island Beach Clean Ups (KIBCU)

BioSafe, an American eco-friendly dry goods supplier, is proud to announce its partnerships with Annapolis Green and the Kent Island Beach Clean Ups (KIBCU). This summer, the company will be attending local KIBCU events to take existing trash out of our local waterways and off our beaches. 

BioSafe sample kits have been assembled and distributed throughout Annapolis by Annapolis Green to provide options for the single-use petroleum-based straws problem.